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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A Detroit high school was planning a campus tour for prospective students and their families. With over 200 attendees expected, they needed a fleet of charter buses to transport everyone comfortably. After calling for a quote, they received a rate of $1,200 per bus for the day, with a minimum requirement of 3 buses. This covered the cost of the buses, team, fuel, and any parking fees for the 8-hour tour around the city’s various college campuses. To accommodate the large group size, they booked 4 full-size charter buses, bringing the total cost to $4,800 for the day’s transportation needs.

Example #2:

A large automotive company in Detroit, Michigan needed transportation for a corporate team-building event. They requested a fleet of 5 charter buses to shuttle 250 employees from their headquarters to a nearby ropes course facility. The trip would take approximately 1 hour each way, with the buses waiting on-site during the 6-hour event. With a total travel time of 8 hours and a large group size, the company was quoted $4,500 for the full-day bus rental. This price included the buses, team, fuel, and parking fees. The per-person cost for this corporate event transportation came out to just $18 when split among all 250 employees – a very affordable group travel option!

Example #3:

A high school basketball team in Detroit, Michigan needed transportation to a multi-day tournament in Cleveland, Ohio. With 12 players, 3 coaches, and plenty of equipment and luggage, they required a full-sized charter bus with at least 56 seats. The total distance for the round trip was approximately 350 miles. Due to the multi-day nature of the event and the longer travel distance, the charter bus company charged a higher daily rate of $1,200 per day for 3 days, totaling $3,600. Additional fees included a $75 parking permit for the tournament venue, a $150 hotel room for the team each night, and a suggested 15% gratuity of $540 for the team. The all-inclusive price for this 3-day sports team charter bus rental came to $4,365, which was a very reasonable $242 per person when split among the full travel party of 18.

Example #4:

A local Detroit middle school organized a field trip for their 8th grade class to tour the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village. With 120 students and 10 chaperones, the school needed transportation for the day-long excursion. They booked three full-size charter buses to accommodate the entire group. Since the museum is located about 30 miles from the school, the rental cost was calculated based on a daily rate of around $1,500 per bus, plus a team’s hotel stay and gratuity. The total price for the three buses came to roughly $5,000 for the educational day trip.

Example #5:

A bride in Detroit requested a charter bus rental for her wedding day transportation. With 40 guests attending the ceremony and reception, she needed a bus that could comfortably seat everyone along with their luggage and gifts. The bride opted for a 56-passenger coach bus to shuttle her wedding party from the hotel to the church and then to the reception venue afterwards. Since the pickup location was an hour outside of Detroit’s city center, the transportation company charged a higher deadhead fee to account for the additional travel time to and from their bus depot. To accommodate the 6-hour rental period, two professional teams were also required, increasing the overall cost. However, the per-person cost was very reasonable when split among all 40 guests!

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