Detroit Street Art and Graffiti Factory

Forget sightseeing – with this off-the-beaten-path tour, you’re getting an immersive look at the D’s vibrant street art scene with a local artist as your guide. Get the full inside scoop on Motown’s coolest and most prolific muralists, hit public exhibitions along the Grand River Creative Corridor and Eastern Market, then head into the abandoned factories and thewhole explore the evocative graffiti within while hearing the stories behind the art. To cap it all off, you can even get in on the action with a graffiti workshop of your own. It’s like a backstage pass to Detroit’s underground art world.

Phone: 313-744-2954

Boulevard Drive-In Theatre

Bringing fresh flair to an old-school experience, the seriously retro Boulevard Drive-In has quickly become a Detroit institution since reopening in 2014. But don’t expect your average outdoor theater experience – this spot boasts a full bar, killer food trucks from local vendors, and special themed events like haunted movie nights and Grindhouse Grease Monkey car shows. Double-feature classics and quirky cult hits with top-quality projection under the stars is a recipe for the perfect guys night out or a killer date night with a twist. Just be sure to get there early to land a prime parking spot for the best view!

Phone: 313-295-9900

Marvin Gaye’s Hitsville U.S.A.

Pay homage to Motown’s greatest son by taking a pilgrimage to Studio A, the modest yet legendary headquarters where Marvin Gaye recorded era-defining hits like “Let’s Get It On” and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” As you stroll along West Grand Boulevard’s Motown Mile, your guide will detail the pivotal moments and musical legacy born out of Hitsville’s walls, bringing to life the energy and perseverance that birthed the Detroit sound in the 1960s. You’ll also hit other Motown landmarks like the Motown Museum before an exclusive after-hours tour and champagne toast right on the hallowed grounds of Studio A. An absolute must for any music lover visiting The D.

Phone: 313-865-1938

Johnny Naughty’s Adult Night Club

Promising the “best night of your life, guaranteed,” the purveyors of this notoriously NSFW tour are definitely not messing around when it comes to debauchery. Over the course of five deliciously seedy hours, you’ll hit up Detroit’s most elite strip clubs and adult cabarets while receiving the insider skinny from your savvy host, a longtime industry vet. Uncensored stories, no-holds-barred commentary…and that’s not even mentioning the private dances, bottles of bubbly, and untamed mayhem included along the way. It’s like Caligula meets Diddy’s birthday, and definitely an X-rated adventure you won’t soon forget. Timid voyeurs need not apply.

Phone: 313-770-2441

Detroit Urban Exploration

Photographers, history buffs, and urban archaeologists alike will be spellbound by this one-of-a-kind excursion into the faded grandeur of Detroit’s abandoned factories and buildings. After checking out preserved icons like the Michigan Theatre and United Artists Theatre, you’ll gear up to delve deep into the decaying ruins of industrial behemoths like Packard, MLK, and the colossal Boblo Island ruins. As you wander the ghostly remains, your guide will unfurl the dramatic tales of Motor City’s boom and bust, offering an unparalleled glimpse into The D’s storied past. Just be sure to bring your sense of adventure – who knows what forgotten treasures you might unearth?

Phone: 313-265-3246

Guns & Butter Tours

While the last call for Prohibition rang nearly a century ago, its lingering spirit still looms large in The D’s shadowy corners and backroom speakeasies if you know where to look. With this immersive tour, you’ll be transported back to the Roaring Twenties as your flapper-clad guide whisks you away to Prohibition-era hangouts and secret tunnels once traversed by legendary bootleggers like the Purple Gang. Sip expertly crafted craft cocktails, sample gourmet small plates reminiscent of the era, and uncover the dramatic (and sometimes deadly) underworld of Detroit’s Wild West days when your bar was more than just a bar. An absolute must for history buffs with a taste for the illicit.

Phone: 313-308-0800

Lafayette & American Coney Island Restaurant

When it comes to Grade-A gustatory greats, Detroit’s legendary Coney Island all-night diners have remained iconic institutions for over a century. Catering to line cooks, factory workers, musicians, and party animals looking to refuel, these no-frills establishments draw round-the-clock crowds for their signature Coney dogs, crispy fries, and raunchy ambience. On this insider tour, you’ll hit up palatial redoubt American Coney Island and its equally famous rival Lafayette Coney Island located just across the street in a deliciously salty feud dating back to 1917. As you dig into their justifiably famous chili-smothered creations late into the night, you’ll quickly see (and taste) why these unfussy haunts remain a quintessential part of The D’s culinary fabric.

Phone: 313-961-7758

Packard Plant

Looming like an eerie, apocalyptic fortress abandoned to the elements, Detroit’s iconic Packard Plant has become an internationally acclaimed playground for graffiti artists and urban explorers alike. Over 35 acres of decaying industrial ruins draped in dazzling murals and subversive street art await the intrepid few daring enough to gain access to its desolate interiors. And now, for the first time, that opportunity has arrived with sanctioned guided excursions into the heart of this decaying leviathan the New York Times dubbed “a modern ruin of mythical proportions.” Just imagine the Instagram gold you’ll capture…if you can avoid getting lost in a kaleidoscope of spray paint and poetic urban decay first.

Phone: 313-844-5284

Plan Your Trip With Detroit Party Buses

When you roll with Detroit Party Buses, seeing The D in all its gritty glory has never been easier. Book one of our luxury coaches and let our team of local experts handle all the logistics while you and your crew sit back and take in the sights and sounds of Motown like true VIPs. We’ll get you and your group wherever you need to go, from the underground street art spots to the most legendary coney islands to total off-the-grid abandonments. Just give us a holler at 313-209-8443 and we’ll make your next Detroit adventure an experience you’ll never forget.